It is vital that volunteers and other contributors who submit data to the SRMS follow the latest government advice in order to prevent the spread and transmission of infection. The Scottish Government advice updated on 07.05.2020 is clear that we should continue to remain at home as much as possible, the only relaxation being allowed to undertake exercise locally more than once a day.

The SRMS advice is to follow current government advice and remain at home. The restrictions first announced on 23 March will continue until 28 May when they will be reviewed. We will continue to monitor the government advice, and will update our statement accordingly. We will continue to provide updates on our website. The current advice is that you must not carry out fieldwork if by doing so you would be in breach of the government advice. Fieldwork and associated travel is not considered essential under current advice.

The health of our contributors is very important to us, as are our relationships with the landowners and local communities. It is likely that fieldwork will be much reduced this year and the uncertainty around what may be possible has already led some organisations to cancel all breeding season surveys for 2020. The situation may end up similar to that during Foot and Mouth in 2001, but monitoring is very much a long-term project, which will not suffer unduly from the occasional short-term crisis.

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Amy Challis (Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator)

on behalf of the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group