Whether you are already involved with the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme (SRMS) or this is your first experience of us, we hope that you will find our website of interest.

Never heard of the SRMS before?
Why not begin by taking a look at the About page to find out more about what we do.

Already contribute data to the SRMS?
Thank you – without you the SRMS would not be able to deliver its aims. We hope you will continue to support the work of the Scheme and will keep coming back to keep up to date with our work.

Already involved in monitoring Scottish raptors but not currently contributing data to the SRMS?
We’d love you to consider sharing your data with us so that we and our SRMS partners can use it to benefit raptor conservation. Feed your data into the SRMS and be part of our work to benefit raptor conservation in Scotland. Please register as a SRMS data contributor.

Considering taking up raptor monitoring but don’t know where to begin?
Take a look at our Getting involved pages, where you can also learn more our more about how you can take part in  Raptor Patch – to help the SRMS collect more information on Scotland’s more widespread raptor species. We also have a range of upcoming events which may be of interest.

Need advice on raptor monitoring?
Whether you are already an experienced raptor worker or are new to raptor monitoring, we are happy to provide advice. Please consult the Advice page for the latest guidance on monitoring raptors.

A conservation policy maker?
Visit the trends pages to see the latest trends for each of our raptor species and understand which ones are most requiring conservation action in Scotland.

Interested in accessing SRMS data?
Take a look at our data pages to find information about the data that we collate and how you can access them.

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