Tawny Owl

TO_Richard Challis
Tawny Owl, Perthshire (R. Challis)

Annual monitoring data

Please click on the links below to access summary data. These summaries are based on SRMS regions.  Descriptions of some of the main headings reported against are provided here.

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National and regional trends

Our latest analysis of SRMS Tawny Owl data for the period 2009-2018 produced no national trends in breeding number or productivity. Trends were produced for four of the eight SRMS regions and for two of the 16 NHZ regions  for which the SRMS holds Tawny Owl records.

Please see below for a more detailed account for this species. To find out more about the trends analysis and the various products we have been able to produce please visit the Trends pages.

TawnyOwl trends 2009-2018

Local Tawny Owl studies & projects

NamePeriodMain observerOther observersOrganisation