Getting involved

Drumlamford S Ayrs
Common Buzzard, Ayrshire (A. Hogg)

Raptor Patch is a SRMS initiative to get more people involved in raptor monitoring.  This initiative focusses on enhancing monitoring of the more widespread raptor species, including Buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Raven which currently do not receive sufficient monitoring to enable us to produce robust trends at a regional or Scotland-wide scale.  By participating in Raptor Patch you will be able to collect important information to build up our knowledge of the health of raptor populations in Scotland and to contribute data to support a wide range of work areas which benefit raptors. Please take a look at the Raptor Patch page for more information about the survey and if you would like to register your interest in Raptor Patch, please contact the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Officer.

The Scottish Raptor Study Group have 12 branches across Scotland.  You may wish to contact your local branch via the SRSG website to inquire about membership.

All raptors are protected and special licences are required to work with many of the rarer species.  Before embarking on any raptor monitoring please make sure you have read the page on Legal considerations when working with raptors.