The Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme holds summarised records for individual breeding attempts, showing occupancy and breeding outcomes.

These data are submitted from more than 300 individuals across Scotland.  The vast majority of data contributors are volunteers and are members of the SRSG. Through many volunteers willingly contributing their data to the SRMS from their local studies, we are able to create a valuable repository of data that can be used to benefit raptor conservation at a regional, Scottish, UK and even international level.  Data have also been regularly supplied by RSPB Scotland, including data collected by  species officers monitoring the reintroduced populations of Red Kite and White-tailed Eagle. RBBP regularly passes on data extracted from the annual returns to the relevant licensing bodies (SNH and BTO) made by the small number of Schedule 1 licence holders who are not members of the SRSG. A small number of ecological consultancies are also now regularly contributing data to the SRMS.

The majority of data submitted to the SRMS are sent in electronically, using a custom-designed MS Excel recording spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is currently the best means of ensuring that the majority of submitted data are in a consistent format.

To bring the SRMS more in line with other schemes collecting biodiversity data, we are looking to move away from this style of data submission to online recording over the next year or so.  This style of recording will allow capture of per-visit information, which the existing spreadsheet form of data entry does not readily accommodate.  This will maximise the value of the data being collected for analytical purposes which will improve our understanding of raptors.