How do I access SRMS data?

Our Data Sharing & Use Policy sets out how SRMS data will be made available to different stakeholders.

SRMS data are available on the Atlas of Living Scotland at a 10 km resolution, which may be adequate for your purposes.

SRMS partners
If you are a conservation professional wishing to make a legitimate use of SRMS data on behalf of a SRMS partner organisation then you should consult the list of agreed purposes for which your organisation can use SRMS data which are set out in the SRMS Data Sharing & Use Policy and consult the named individual within your organisation responsible for governing internal access to SRMS data.

Environmental consultants
The SRMS is unable to process commercial requests for data from environmental consultants. Any commercial requests are likely to be redirected back to the original data providers for direct liaison.

Other organisations and individuals
You will need to complete and return a data request form to the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator with details of your request. The data request form can be accessed here.

As many of the records held by the SRMS relate to Schedule 1 breeding birds, these data are considered sensitive and therefore each request for data is currently assessed on a case-by-case basis by the SRMG.

This always involves a period of consultation with the relevant SRMS volunteers who have collected (and therefore own) the data held by the SRMS.