Accessing SRMS Online

Where can I access SRMS Online?
Pop along to  https://app.bto.org/demography/srms/public/login.jsp. Consider bookmarking this link so that you can easily find it again.

I’ve forgotten my password, can you help?
Try resetting your password via ‘Request new password’ (https://www.bto.org/user/password). To do this all you need to know is either your MyBTO username or email address that you used when you set up your MyBTO account.

Why can’t I access SRMS Online using MyBTO username and password 
Your MyBTO username and password will only work if you have been in touch with the SRMC to activate your SRMS Online account.


Why can’t I see any locations?
If you were expecting to see locations on your map or table but cannot, you may want to check that you are accessing the correct account. For example, if you are a SRSG member, the standard set up is for there to be a separate account for each species within your branch area for you to submit data to. You can see which account you are accessing in the top-right hand corner of the black menu bar where it says who you are ‘operating as’. Please watch this tutorial to understand how you can access different accounts.

How can I add locations?
Before adding new locations, consider whether the locations may already be known and exist on SRMS Online, just not visible to you. For example, if you are a SRSG member, you may be taking on monitoring at an already known location. In this instance you should approach your Species Coordinator who will be in a position to make the location visible to you if it is already on SRMS Online, to avoid duplication. Where you have discovered a new location, either a Nest Site or Observation Site you can create these directly via the ‘Add locations’ button in the toolbar. Please watch this tutorial to understand the basics of adding locations.

Visit data

How do I add Visit Data?
This can be done by clicking the ‘Add Visit Data’ button having selected a location in either Map View or Table View. Please watch this tutorial.

How do I make my name appear in the ‘Initials’ list?
The drop-down in the ‘Initials’ list is controlled by the Observer List accessible from the ‘My Contributors’ menu. You can add your name to the Observer List. Please watch this tutorial.