Golden Eagle

Merkland. 5th July 2013
Golden Eagle, Sutherland (Derek Spencer)

Annual monitoring data

Please click on the links below to access summary data. These summaries are based on SRMS regions.  Descriptions of some of the main headings reported against are provided here.

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

National and regional trends

Production of trends in breeding numbers is currently limited by the spatial resolution of some records, the lack of geographic coverage and survey effort information and the fact that some information is only provided to the SRMS is summary format.  Provisional trends in breeding parameters have been produced for a number of Natural Heritage Zones.   A priority for the SRMS is to work with SRMS contributors to (i) obtain outstanding grid references, (ii) obtain information on study area boundaries and coverage and (iii) assess representatives of coverage through comparison with the most recent national survey data with the aim of producing both national and regional trends in the future.

Some information on regional changes in populations can be found in the Golden Eagle Conservation Framework.

Local Golden Eagle studies & projects

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