Upcoming events

The SRMS has an events programme which currently comprises a range of both virtual and face-to-face experiences. To register to attend any upcoming events please contact the SRMO.

Introduction to the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme, raptor monitoring & our Raptor Patch initiative.
This 2 hour virtual session hosted by the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator is aimed at new and potential volunteers that are interested in getting involved with raptor monitoring, particularly our Raptor Patch initiative. We introduce the four Raptor Patch focal species, discuss the area-based Raptor Patch approach and provide hints and tips on selecting a Raptor Patch. We also discuss what raptor monitoring actually entails.
Dates tbc

SRMS Online training for SRMS data contributors
This 2 hour virtual training session is aimed at all SRMS data contributors to introduce SRMS Online, the Scheme’s data entry system.
Tuesday 28th February 2023 – 1930 start
Thursday 2nd March 2023 – 1000 start
Monday 6th March 2023 – 1400 start
Wednesday 8th March 2023 – 1930 start


Virtual Winter talks programme
This series of talks is aimed at anybody looking to get involved with raptor monitoring and will be delivered by a range of inspiring guest speakers from the raptor monitoring community. The program has been designed on topics that should be of particular interest and value to our Raptor Patch volunteers.
Dates tbc

Raptor Patch outdoor events.
These full day events are designed to equip Raptor Patch volunteers with the skills they need to successfully undertake raptor monitoring within their Raptor Patch.  Participants will gain hands on experience of  monitoring of a Raptor Patch to obtain complete coverage. The course will include vantage point selection, searching for and identifying field signs, nest finding and observing raptor behaviour.
Dates tbc