Technical report

The detailed methods that have been employed to produce trends in breeding numbers and productivity can be found here.

The specific objective of the report are:

  • To summarise the availability or otherwise of national and regional trends for each SRMS species (the latter at the scale of Natural Heritage Zones – NHZs; and Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme – SRMS – regions).
  •  To summarise caveats associated with trends and explain why these have arisen.
  • To explain the relationship of regional and national trends with the availability of trends from individual study areas for each SRMS species.
  • To summarise gaps in coverage/trends (regional and national) for each species and for the SRMS overall.
  • To suggest options for enhancements to SRMS monitoring in future to improve data for the production of trends.
  • To present options for addressing gaps in coverage, including the role of patch-based monitoring.

This work should be cited as follows:
Wilson, M.,  Challis, A. & Wernham, C.V. (2022) Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme Trends for 2009-2018: Methods and Analysis of Gaps (A report to the SRMG)