RSPB Scotland

RSPB Scotland (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland)

The RSPB works for environments rich in birds and wildlife, and bases both its conservation advocacy and management of its network of nature reserves on a strong monitoring and research base.  It has a wide geographical spread of staff resources across Scotland and contacts with an active membership and volunteer network.  RSPB takes the lead in organising national surveys for a number of rare birds of prey under SCARABBS.

RSPB Scotland provides scientific support and conservation expertise to the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group (SRMG). Regional and reserve staff across Scotland assist with the delivery of the Scheme on the ground, by provision of ornithological data collected through work programmes, by co-ordination of survey work as necessary, and by assisting the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator (SRMC).  RSPB Scotland will continue, as resources permit, to fund and help co-ordinate national surveys of raptor species across Scotland under the SCARABBS scheme, and will provide annual data to the Scheme from regional and reserve monitoring work.  Data from all monitoring programmes, where RSPB is a funding supporter, can be made available through the SRMS.

RSPB Scotland representative on SRMG: