5. SRMS as data custodian

Data held by the SRMS is owned by the original data observers (or organisation in instances where the data have been collected by paid professionals), however, the SRMS is the data custodian. This role is performed by the SRMC (and supported by a BTO Scotland Research Ecologist) on behalf of the SRMG. The role of the custodian, on behalf of the data owners, is to:

  • Collate and curate the database.
  • Take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access to, duplication of, or distribution of the raptor monitoring data while they have possession of these.
  • Prepare datasets for use in specific analyses and reports.
  • Maximise the efficiency of the database to facilitate access to service data sharing and requests.
  • Make the raptor monitoring data available within the terms of this Data Sharing & Use Policy liaising with partners and the public over access to these data especially for data requests seeking data beyond what is publicly available via Atlas of Living Scotland.

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