6.1 Administration of SRMS data on Atlas of Living Scotland

The SRMC will provide an annual update of the SRMS dataset to the Atlas of Living Scotland (AoLS) by the end of April which will include the data from the previous breeding season. As the majority of SRMS data relates to the location of breeding sites of rare and sensitive species, data are uploaded to AoLS at a 10 km resolution (10 km x 10 km square). These are distribution data only, i.e. presence in each grid square and not numbers or productivity data.

The SRMC is the primary point of contact for the NBN Trust and AoLS users and is responsible for administering the dataset on the AoLS which entails having access to online controls via the AoLS website. These online controls enable the setting of access levels to the dataset, responding to access requests from AoLS users and editing information relating to the dataset. The AoLS provides the SRMC with details of who has downloaded the data along with a detailed description of the purpose for which the data have been downloaded.