7.3 How to request more detailed access

If SRMS data which are publicly available are not of a sufficient resolution for a specific purpose, requests to access more detailed information can be made either via the Atlas of Living Scotland or direct to the SRMC. Requests to access more detailed information from non-SRMS partners will be considered by the SRMG on a case-by-case basis. This includes contacting the original data provider to determine whether they are happy that data is supplied on their behalf for the requested purpose. SRMC will aim to process such data requests within 20 working days but please note that more complex requests (that may require more time to process) may take longer. A SRMS Data Request Form can be downloaded from the SRMS website (https://raptormonitoring.org/srms-data/how-do-i-access-data-held-by-the-srms).

Conservation professionals wishing to make a legitimate use of SRMS data on behalf of a SRMS partner organisation should refer to Section 8 for access rights and responsibilities.  Requests from SRMS partners which could be considered either commercial uses or scientific research uses that will lead to publication in the public domain (see Section 8.2.2) will need to be referred to SRMG for consideration on a case-by-case basis as described for non-SRMS partners through the formal data request process described above.

7.4 Access restrictions