7.5 Terms and Conditions of using SRMS data

Data providers have given SRMS permission to hold a copy of their data. All SRMS data are made available for use under the following SRMS Terms & Conditions.

  • SRMS data should be stored securely with access limited to named individuals who are aware of the SRMS’s Data Sharing & Use Policy.
  • Any outputs produced using SRMS data must acknowledge their use. Use of SRMS data must be acknowledged in the following format when reproduced in internal or external documents and publications: Data from the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme.
  • SRMS data may not be shared with any other party without prior written consent from SRMG.
  • SRMS data may not be sold to a third party or used within work for which there is a commercial gain, without prior written consent from SRMG.
  • Other than SRMS products in the public domain, SRMS data may not be used for any scientific research likely to lead to publication without prior written consent from the SRMG.
  • Where the use of detailed locational data (i.e. 100m resolution or higher) have been conferred through this policy, any outputs containing detailed locational data must be treated confidentially and must not enter the public domain unless agreed in writing with SRMG.

7.6 Liaison with data providers