8.2.2 The purposes for which SRMS data cannot be routinely used by SRMS partners

Any uses of data which are not covered in section 8.2 require specific approval from SRMG. Any doubts or queries as to whether a planned use falls beyond that covered in section 8.2 should be clarified through consultation with SRMG (initial contact should be the SRMC).

There are some specific uses that SRMS partners may not make of SRMS data (where that partner is not the originating source) without further consultation with SRMG. These include:

  • Commercial uses.
  • Scientific research uses that will lead to publication in the public domain.

For both of these uses, it is essential to make a formal specific data request and the SRMS will revert back to the original data providers to discuss how to proceed.

8.2.3 How access to SRMS data by SRMS partners will be managed